About us

To create an innovative restaurant and food offer in the market, based on high quality products and a meticulous customer service.

In 1998, Primefood wrote the first lines of a story in the restaurant and food sector in Portugal. Since the beginning, we have maintained the family spirit that characterises us, seeking to grow in a sustainable way and letting ourselves be guided by the ambition of creating a unique gastronomic experience.
The truth is, in the city streets, airports and shopping malls, from the north to the south of our country, we have proved to people our ability to arouse emotions, build memories and connect them through unique flavours.
Our speciality? Create unrepeatable moments, following our oldest recipe: presenting unique spaces, preparing products with the maximum quality and serve with pride. What drives us? The passion for what we do, a team committed to raising up our customers standards daily and the will to expand gastronomic horizons.

In our greatest qualities we see the reasons for our leadership: agility to find solutions, our technical operational knowledge, a constant concern to innovate our offer, access to the best raw materials and highly trained teams to exceed the expectations of those who visit us.

We work every day to occupy a leading position and build the future of the sector in Portugal, keeping up of the best manufacturing processes, optimising our operations and with the latest trends.

We want to be constantly at the forefront, creating an innovative, diversified, irreverent, passionate and irreproachable restaurant offer in the fast casual segment, based on high-quality service, exceptional products and atmospheres that win us over. Our mission is to deliver genuine gastronomic experiences that exceed expectations and make ordinary occasions, unique moments.

We have a clear commitment to our customers: environments that create memories, carefully selected ingredients and a flawless service.
In our DNA, we have the ambition to grow, consistently and sustainably, seeking to consolidate our position as a benchmark restaurant group in the market.

With an extensive experience in the sector, we are aware that occupying this position demands a constant follow-up of production processes, an attentive and careful monitoring of our operations and a permanent concern for following trends.

Excellence is the key to success. In this sense, there is a set of values that guides not only us, but the work carried out daily by our teams and that is at the heart of our business:
  • We serve our best, whether the tasks are big or small. On each plate, we put all our sense of commitment, seeking to provide a highly caring service and offer products based on the best raw materials.
  • We grow together: we value the talent of our teams and continuously invest on training our employees, ensuring that they are prepared and have all the tools they need to provide an active, thorough and irreproachable service.
  • We build the future: we continually develop new gastronomic projects and concepts, always keeping abreast of market trends and our customers demands, seeking to build an innovative, careful and diversified offer.
  • We present solutions: our doors are always open to new challenges. Instead of difficulties, we see solutions, because our focus is clear. We are agile, efficient and proactive, when it comes to finding an answer.


Part of our success is due to the long-lasting partnerships we have created from the very beginning and which we have been careful to develop until today. We run our business from the stores and not merely from the office.


Due market demand and food trends, we have created our own brands from scratch. We successfully implement and develop franchised brands from the ground up. We are highly flexible to meet our partners standards and develop new end-to-end brands.

Growth vision

We are located at premium locations, mostly tourist areas and airports. Although we have a solid financial structure, capable of meeting the greatest challenges, we do not tend to grow exponentially. We let our brands flourish and thrive, in a sustainable way.