Our Brands



We don’t serve meals, we serve experiences. We believe that service with pride, remarkable spaces and exceptional food, are the basis of winning restaurant concepts. For this very reason, Primefood’s portfolio brings together a range of own brands based on a highly careful service, welcoming environments, an unrestrained concern for finding the best raw materials, a hunger for knowing the best manufacturing processes and being at the forefront of innovation. Each of our brands is designed to offer unique, authentic and memorable taste moments. Among so many classics, more creative references and new food trends, we are dedicated to ensure that each brand explores the best it has to offer – looking for developing products for all tastes, healthy alternatives and practical options for those who have a more active routine.

Fábrica da Nata

In 2016, ready to produce a flavour that builds memories, the sweetest factory the country had ever seen, opened its doors in the heart of Lisbon. Handcrafted production techniques, excellent raw materials and respect for portuguese tradition…


On Primefood group portfolio, alongside its own concepts, there are a series of franchised brands. Carefully selected for the commitment they assume with their customers, for the high quality standards by which they are governed and for the international prestige they have, those brands are authentic references in the restaurant and food sector.

We have a long and well-established experience of working side by side with brands that mark, and share with us the passion for food and the ambition to serve better day by day, aware of what we have to learn and all that we have to teach. We are constantly looking for partnerships that want grow with us, always with an eye on what we see as our great mission: to welcome customers like no one else, offer an atmosphere where you feel awesome and create a varied, innovative, irreproachable and differentiating offer, providing those who come to us a genuine, truthful and delicious taste experience.