La Parrilla

Quick, uncomplicated and unpretentious, but stricts, careful and authentic. Despite its Argentinian accent, La Parrilla is a fast casual concept with 100% Portuguese DNA. In this own-brand insignia designed for malls, the raw materials are carefully selected and the dishes are charcoal-grilled on the spot, in front of the customers, served with speed and maximum flavour.

Those who know it, often visit it daily, with the certainty that they will find a varied and delicious menu. Designed especially for true meat lovers, it is clear that the diversified cuts stand out, but there is also room for some fish specialities. Our Argentinean grill gives rise to a gastronomic experience based on a wide offer, the quality of our products, with an agile service.

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Colombo Shopping Center


Vasco da Gama Shopping Center