Fábrica da Nata

In 2016, ready to produce a flavour that builds memories, the sweetest factory the country had ever seen, opened its doors in the heart of Lisbon. Handcrafted production techniques, excellent raw materials and respect for portuguese tradition. This is the real secret of a well-kept recipe which gave rise to a passionate gastronomic universe… An own brand, 100% national, which in only one bite conquered the most demanding palates and gained all the national and international recognition that a star product deserves.
Fábrica da Nata stores conquer immediatly those who visit them: under a typically portuguese atmosphere, the factory environment merges with surprising, elegant and cosy rooms. The custard tarts (Pastel de Nata) are made in front of everyone, forcing the most curious to stop, study the process and vibrate with the skills and kindness of the pastry chefs. The crunchy pastry and a cream with the perfect consistency, the enveloping aroma and the exciting fuss of the trays that continually come in and out of the oven, only make the desire to taste the Pastel de Nata at the same time as the displays are filled, adding delighted looks.
In the Factory, the main role is played by the Pastel de Nata and its famous six units boxes that define a gastronomic experience full of flavour. It is to the sound of Fado music and with eyes fixed on the tile panels lining the walls of the stores, that you can lose yourself in a product that only tastes better if it is shared. It is also here that you will find the most different ways of tasting Pastel de Nata: The classic Menu Degustação (consisting of a Pastel de Nata and a glass of Port Wine), the remarkable Menu Natíssimo (consisting in a Pastel de Nata and a glass of our Pastel de Nata Liqueur) and the extraordinary Pastel de Nata Ice Cream (consisting in a scoop of ice cream made from the custard cream and served on top of it). With an offer that revolves around a unique recipe, the most sweet tooths will also find a wide range of options for breakfast, lunch and snack.

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